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56 Responses

  1. rxoc says:

    Nice article, i like it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    your article is a lie dont throw dust into people eyes ok.make your research well and come up with good info. bcos some of your points are correct but others are fake………………….

  3. Gideon Oppong says:

    Shatta is the best

  4. Unknown says:


  5. Saintpino says:

    Stonebwoy will be moving from ghana to the world while shatta wale also move from region to region, yet still ghanaian’s will be comparing stonebwoy with shatta wale. Over 60% of shatta wale fans do not listen to the lyrics but rather listen to the beats. Shatta wale will overcome stonebwoy only in ghana but not the world.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Ayelgia Amezole Simon says:

      charlie dat is real , bhim will continue to rule de world with authentic and sweet lyrics in the dancehall genre
      In fact Ghanaian bloggers and Dj’s are unfair to bhim and dat is not good.Bhim 4 real

  6. Wisdom Xbills says:

    Stonebwoy is the best artist in Gh to the world, no one can’t bring him down forever and never

  7. RM BAD says:


  8. RADICAL@ says:

    Stonbwoy is the best

  9. Bayaano says:

    Stonebwoy won wu da

  10. James abayare says:

    Shatta is the best for people who don’t know music and only listen to beatz . BHIM all way. Best is Nima is shatta but one of the best in the world is stonebwoy

  11. Abdul says:

    Stonebwoy is the best

  12. philipkaku says:

    stonebwoy is great anyway

  13. Anonymous says:

    shatta wale is far gone

  14. lord vyrus says:

    yes stonebwoy is king

  15. Macbeth says:

    boy is the best in music.Stonebwoy keep moving dont mine shatta.meaning of sm is school mother.

  16. j k 88 says:

    stoneboy is the best not compered with shatta wale for more years

  17. 1 C D says:

    Bless his imperial majesty (BHIM)

  18. Kushyi says:

    Shatta wale is the most popular artiste in the world
    Stone bwoy is just a follower

  19. Cistus says:

    how can stone be follower u are sleeping so wake up wai

  20. Anonymous says:

    Shatta wale is now a dancehall king no one can bring him down

  21. Osman tafari says:

    No long talk Bihm bihm

  22. Anonymous says:

    stonebowy is the best

  23. sattey mathew says:


  24. Yabido Mike Dowski says:

    Shatta wale won all

  25. Awovi Elijah says:

    Stonebwoy nuh wory bout nutten unuh ah di King fi di worl

  26. Anonymous says:

    stonebwoy ix de best musically

  27. Anonymous says:

    pls ur research is not true pls do another pls shatta wale u do all

  28. Golden Lescot says:

    Shatta Wale is leading

  29. Nurudeen Zeba says:

    still Bhim Nation to the world

  30. amakye richard says:

    Shatta wale is best in All time

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Elliot Didon says:

    Stoneboy all the way

  33. Bra Singlet says:

    Bhim nation to the world while shatta wale will been paaa in Africa

  34. Dada Don Shado says:

    Bhim Is The Cheif In Music

  35. Emmanuel Opoku says:

    Shatta is the indeed the dancehall of Africa

  36. EBENEZER B says:

    shata fans only listen tu beatz so bhim fans dont mind them dey dont know music they be folowers

  37. TOMMY LEE says:

    shatta wale is the best b,cos he is the founder of Dancehall in Africa aand b,cos people dont know about this they say stonebowy is the best .SHATTA ALL THE WAY@#FUCK BIHM

  38. Slowpee says:

    Stonebwoy u for relax make the senior teach you more levels bcos you be junior right

  39. Isaac Atiim says:

    Bhim To De World, Sm To Ghana.Stonebwoy Is The Best .

  40. kelvin kenzy says:

    Shatta wale all the way no one can stop we in the industry. ☺S.M. FOR LIFE

  41. Bright says:

    Still s m 4lyf go far

  42. Mario Angelo says:

    Stonebwoy till gasket close

  43. Bismark adams says:

    Stonebwoy is the best

  44. offei benson says:

    Stonebwoy is a teacher
    shatta wale is a student
    so guess them

  45. Star one says:

    No size sm onye who is bhim

  46. Anonymous says:

    Stonebwoy all the way

  47. black bullet says:

    Shatta movement 4 life, the true be say whn u dey talk abt champion artist in the world it go be shatta becuz he be the boss, he make his fans feel so happy and the thing it dey jom kraaa be paa paaah!! Lol go chak history and dey do tooonoo

  48. Anonymous says:

    The whole sm for life

  49. Anonymous says:

    Shatta movement all da way

  50. Yarddie Ruddex says:

    Shatta movement all da way

  51. Nifty Adept says:

    shatta can’t climb de highest hill as STONE BWOY

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